Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Carpet and Tile Cleaning


Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for Hotels

  1. Basic Extraction $15.00 per room, hallways included, stairwells are $35.00 each – Order Page
  2. Pre-spray & Extraction, plus Brush and Vac – $19.75 per room, hallways and stairwells included – Order Page
  3. Full Service: Spot treatment, Pre-spray, Brush/Vac, Extraction, and Finishing – $34.25 per room, hallways, elevators, stairwells included – Order Page
  4. Full Service Low Moisture: Same service as above, instead of extraction a low moisture system is used to minimize dry time, ready for guests! $36.50 per room – Order Page
  • Fast Service, up to 100 rooms in a day!
  • Extraction, Low Moisture, Spot Treatment, Advanced Brush, Oder Treatment
  • Our systems are designed to reduce impact on guests
  • Chemicals certified for cleaning applications
  • Combine our Carpet Cleaning with PTAC cleaning and save


  • Deep Grout cleaning
  • Pool tile, bathrooms, floors, halls
  • High pressure, brush and/or roto system
  • Fast service
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