Business and Financial Services

Business and Financial Services

The Parent company of EcspexAire is Ecspex, llc

Our goal is to help you increase the value of your property by helping reduce overhead expense while maintaining readiness for guests and inspections. If your rooms are more available, less likely to be comped for complaints, and easily pass inspection, you will make more money.

In order to achieve this, we offer Quarterly Service designed to save your maintenance staff many hours of work and stress, and at the same time, we work with you on properly completing PM overviews and services so your brand is happy at inspection time.

In addition, we offer extensive services directly to owners to be sure we are helping to grow net worth and wealth planning expectations.

Ecspex provides the following services:

  • Mechanical Evaluation/Valuation and time value of installed mechanical equipment
  • Analysis of ongoing services expenses and replacement costs
  • Property Investment Analysis
  • Wealth Management Services for owner/operators
  • Pooled Investment Analysis and opportunities
  • Expense and overhead analysis
  • Location, Branding, Franchise, and Market Analysis

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