PTAC Cleaning

Professional PTAC Cleaning Service

PTAC Cleaning
PTAC Cleaning

  • In-Room Cleaning
  • Up to 160 units per day
  • Deep clean: Both coils, disassembly as needed
  • Green Coil Cleaning Chemicals
  • We use top rated Coil, Mold and Virus Chemicals
  • When we finish each unit the room is ready for Guests

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Deep CleanTo increase hotel safety, all PTAC units are deep cleaned with EPA List N Disinfectant for use against SARS-COV-2, the cause of COVID-19
In-Room CleaningOur overall process is very gentle on PTAC units and Buildings. Because we don’t move PTACs out of the building, they have very little chance of being damaged or damaging carpet, tile, thresholds, doorways, elevators, and stairwells. That’s a lot of safety!
Gentle ProcessOur system is designed to be safe on PTACs. We follow manufacturer guidelines for limits on chemicals, water, and exposure to electrical components. Older systems can destroy or damage PTACs by excessive movement and water exposure.
Crew SizeAverage crew size is 3-5 Technicians. They work together and get the job done quickly. This takes a large workload off your maintenance employees and gives them more time for PM and guest requests.
Trained TechniciansAll our technicians are trained by EcspexAire, on the job, on the computer, and in hands-on training labs.
Small Work AreaOur equipment is contained in small utility carts, not spread out through the hallways or dragging hoses through the building. We can work in limited space, easily around guest belongings, and get to hard to reach spaces.
Clean and ReadyAll rooms are left Ready for Guests! We clean up our work area so guests can immediately occupy the rooms.
Trained to Work for GuestsAll crew leaders are trained in how to interface with guests and redirect them to Hotel Management. Crew members are trained on how to knock on doors, avoid Do Not Disturb rooms, and be helpful and courteous.
Low Water UsageBy design, we only use about 100-200 gallons of water per average 100 room building. Older system can easily use 600-2000 gallons; image a garden hose left on all day.
Quiet!Our overall process is very quiet. Equipment is usually deep in the rooms by the PTAC units rather than in the hallway. We actually have a “silent running” ability to work at night.
Non-InvasiveBecause we don’t use equipment in the hallways or move PTAC units through the building, we are very non-invasive to guests and housekeeping. At times, when all the Technicians are in rooms working, it almost looks like we aren’t there. This gives plenty of space for housekeeping without getting in their way.
Single Day ServiceWhy take a year when you can have it done in a day or two? Regular PM is difficult to keep up with. The building might never seem completely ready for guests, and be fresh enough. What we do gets the whole building ready all at once. Perfect for season ending, or pre-season preparedness.
Proactive PMIn the day or two it takes us to complete PTAC or Carpet Cleaning, we see every room in the building. With so many eyes in every room, we are good at spotting things which need quick repairs. We make a list so your maintenance manager can take action on things like curtain rods and blinds, outlets, lamps, thresholds, broken furniture, bugs, leaks and much more.
Years of ServiceExperience is important. Over 10 years of HVAC service in hotels. Thousands of HVAC units and hundred of hotels of every kind.

Quarterly Service with Mold Treatment!

Service Levels

  1. Basic PTAC Coil Cleaning
  2. Single Full Service Annual Deep Clean – Includes: Coils, Covers, Lint Screens, Sleeves, Mold/Virus Treatment
  3. Annual Full Service Agreement – Includes: 1 Annual deep clean (units pulled once per year), 3 Quarterly Cleanings, Full Service cleaning.
  4. Blended PTAC and Carpet cleaning

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