PM Tech Services

Preventive Maintenance

We Provide Quarterly Service

Why wait to hire another maintenance technician when you can get the job done by hiring our Technicians who are already trained and ready for PM?

To order maintenance tech services you must become a service customer with EcspexAire.  The deposit to become a service customer is $500.00 annually, which is taken from the total service package you sign up for. i.e., Annual PTAC Service, Annual Carpet Service, Annual Combined, or Annual Full Service. 

  1. Just give us a copy of your PM schedule
  2. We will create a schedule our techs can complete and provide that back to you
  3. When you are ready, select an Annual Service Agreement
  4. We will add the PM service to schedule for your approval
  5. Purchase the Agreement, approve the PM schedule, we will do the rest!

Services Covered:

  • Lighting – Bulb changes, repairs
  • HVAC – regular operational service and repair
  • Carpet cleaning – spot cleaning
  • Door locks, battery change
  • Basic plumbing repairs, leaks, clogs, shower heads
  • Tile repair for ceramic and linoleum
  • Carpet repair, stain removal
  • Grounds repair
  • Sidewalk cleaning and pressure wash

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