About EcspexAire

Coil Cleaning
HVAC Coil Cleaning

EcspexAire provides HVAC services for Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Apartment Complexes, Senior Living Centers and other multi-family and multi-guest commercial properties.

Established in 2007 – Headquarters in Kansas City – We service nationwide

Our Success:

  • 1000+ Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Commercial Buildings Serviced
    • Over 100,000 units or rooms cleaned
    • Nearly every major brand of Hotel
  • Mechanical and Workflow Design
    • Custom designed Proprietary HVAC Cleaning system
    • Proprietary Process for Speed and Accuracy
    • High speed, can clean an entire building in a day
    • Rooms are ready instantly
  • Specialty Services
    • Work-through Security Service
    • Deep Mold Treatment Capabilities
    • Quarterly Service
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