Independent Hotel Savings

For Independent Hotels, hiring a Service Company for Efficiency Can Save $25,000 or More

Using Outside Labor from 3rd-party specialty companies like us, EcspexAire,can save your hotel quite a bit of money.

Face it, employees are expensive and hard to find.

A few quick questions:

  1. Why carry poorly trained or inefficient employees on your budget?
  2. Should you pay the insurance fees, taxes, and other expenses for spotty service?
  3. Why accept the risks on labor and expense of training new people again and again?
  4. Is your hotel quality to suffering because of this?

The math is simple*:

  • Per hotel savings on 1 service averages $6,250 annually
  • For every 4 services this can be $25,000
  • For every 5 years the savings adds up to $125,000

The Impact is even greater*:

  • Savings on electricity can be another $15,000 over 5 years
  • Raising the quality of the hotel could increase revenues another $8,000
  • The valuation of the property can increase based on revenue increase
  • Marketing becomes more affordable and can increase sales further
  • Property upgrades are more feasible

The overall impact can reach $200,000 Dollars in total valuation and return vs an expense of only about $60,000*.  Call it an investment with an annualized return of about 46%.

We already specialize in training, efficiency, process design, and labor management.  You can participate in our expertise at a fraction of the cost to do it yourself.

A quick way to increase the pleasantness of your property is by treating all your PTAC air conditioners for mold, mildew, virus, and pet smells. We specialize in a quick and easy process. Check it out on our Mold Treatment page.

One more question:

Why do so many hotels insist on managing more employees and projects over expectations, valuation, and quality?

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*All numbers above are based on an average hotel size of 100 rooms, employee overhead of $45 per hour, and other averages.  We don’t guarantee the accuracy of these numbers, or the results per location or hotel group.  Actual performance over time will vary based on the effectiveness of each hotel location, utilization of services and other factors outside the control of EcspexAire.  For more details please review any pricing, service agreements, and other information. All numbers presented above are for estimation and entertainment purposes only.

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