Quarterly Service Agreement Order

Agreement and Terms

You are agreeing to the following EcspexAire Annual Service and Payment*:

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Quarterly PTAC Cleaning:

Each quarter, EcspexAire technicians will clean each PTAC unit in the following manner:

  • Each unit will be cleaned in the room in which it is installed.
  • Like house keeping, Hotel Management and Guests must allow technicians to enter rooms or they will be skipped until the following quarter. Units will not be moved to other locations in the building for cleaning, unless prior agreement is reached with additional costs calculated.
  • Lint screens and covers will be removed.  Units will be unplugged, vacuumed, brushed, sprayed with a pressure cleaning system as needed until cleaned.
  • Covers & Lint Screens will be brushed, vacuumed, and sprayed as needed.
  • The air supply fan and duct will also be brushed, sprayed and vacuumed.
  • Once all components are cleaned, the condenser coil, fan, duct, lint screen, and cover will be treated with a mold killer and decontaminate.
  • The units will be turned back on and tested to be working.
  • The annual deep clean will be performed during one of the quarterly cleanings as selected by Hotel/Owner.
  • Annual deep clean will require the unit to be removed from the sleeve in the room, placed on a PTAC handler, and will include cleaning of the pan, evaporator coil, evaporator fan, shroud, and the wall sleeve.  All components will be mold treated, including the sleeve.
  • PTAC units will NOT be removed during the other 3 quarterly cleanings which are not designated as the Annual Deep Clean.
  • While the PTACs are out of the sleeves, we will check the sleeve levels, drainage, and drains.
  • Units will be re-installed and checked for operation, level, and noise.
  • After each quarterly cleaning, a report will be emailed with an update on status and maintenance issues including condition of units, expected life of units, and any maintenance requirements.
  • Mechanical issues such as re-charge of Freon, replacement of major parts, or controls, will be referred to the manufacturer for Warranty work or to your hotel’s local service of choice, or we may repair while on-site and billing for repair will be separate.

Payment Terms:

  1. By placing an order for Quarterly PTAC Cleaning Service with EcspexAire, you are agreeing that you have the authority to place an order on behalf of the Hotel or its owner(s) at the address listed in the order, and that you are the Customer/Hotel which will make payment.
  2. Services will be performed as described above under Quarterly PTAC Cleaning.
  3. Minimum number of Units is 50.
  4. The initial Payment (Deposit) for the Annual PTAC Service Agreement is $650.00 per Hotel Location.
  5. The $650 is a prepayment and deducted from the total amount of $11,560 for 4 quarterly cleaning services.
  6. The initial prepayment is paid at this time.
  7. The remaining balance will be divided into 4 quarterly payments which will be billed automatically after each quarterly service.
  8. Example:
    • 80-120 PTACS $11,560 Total. **Minus Spring Promo of $1,200** Now only $10,360**
    • $10,360 – $650 (Initial Signup) = $9,710 Remaining.
    • $9,710 ÷ 4 = $2,427.50 Quarterly.
    • First quarter total charges will be $650.00 (signup) + $2,427.50 (first quarter) = $3,077.50
  9. If payment for the previous quarter is not received within 20 days from the date of service, a late fee of 3% will be added, and must be paid prior to the next service date.  The next service will be delayed until the previous quarterly payment is made.


  • Initial Payment (Deposit) is the Consideration for this agreement.
  • This agreement may be cancelled by either party with 30 days notice.
  • If cancellation is received from Hotel Representative with less than 20 days notice, EcspexAire will charge a $250 cancellation fee and the contract will be voided after final payments from any previous work completed.
  • Failure to make quarterly payment by the end of the quarter will be considered a cancellation.
  • EcspexAire reserves the right to cancel for any reason with 30 days notice.**

When you click on the order button, you are agreeing that you have read and agree to these terms and description, along with the previous linked EcspexAire Quarterly Service page.  After you place your Agreement order, an email will deliver a copy of this description to your email address, along with a link to provide initial Information.

This agreement may be cancelled within 15 days after placing your order and any payments received will be refunded within 30 days of cancellation.  Thoroughly read the documents provided via email and email or call us if you have any questions.

This Annual Service Agreement with Quarterly Cleaning includes:

  1. Quarterly Cleaning, Decon Treatments, and Annual PTAC Deep Cleaning Service.
  2. Calendar Scheduling services allowing you to choose dates of services.
  3. Online access to your service history which is available to your authorized employees.
  4. Notifications emailed to your General Managers prior to service dates.
  5. A sliding date window. You can change dates up to 2 weeks prior to service.
  6. Building reviews including status and quality of PTAC units and condition reports.
  7. List of units needing service, and room maintenance reports for things we help you spot like bugs, mold, and other issues.
  8. Access to our customer newsletters, blogs, vlogs and training.
  9. Discounts for Annual Service customers for chemicals, supplies, PTAC units, parts, and other services like maintenance, carpet cleaning, and more.
  10. Access to new services as we add them.
  11. Warranty of services: EcspexAire cleans units with the purpose of clearing coils and debris, and ensuring proper flow of air and condensed water. Any other cleaning expectations are cosmetic and often the responsibility of house keeping. We cannot warranty or guarantee previously existing installation problems or improperly wired units as we are only cleaning and not providing HVAC services, mechanical services, or installation. All cleaning service is performed AS-IS and units removed are returned as they were. We are not responsible for older, out of warranty units which can fail after being moved, such as compressors, controls, and motors. Please review any faulty installations with your contractor who originally installed the units. Please refer to the emailed or printed Warranty for more details.

*No other agreement for this service will be accepted. No service without this agreement and initial payment of $500.00.

** Refusal of service includes, but is not limited to the following: Fewer than 50 units, not part of at least 100 unit group, building has not been cleaned or maintained properly, units are too old, units are difficult to access, low star rating, risks are present i.e. crime rate area, bed bugs, warnings from local police or other vendors, difficult management discussions, crew constantly interfered with by management or guests, or any other reason perceived as hindering good business.