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Benefits of Quarterly PTAC Cleaning

Cleaning PTAC units quarterly, rather than annually or longer, has many benefits for Hotel Owners and Managers. Utilizing an outside service with a crew, completing the cleaning service in a single day or two, lowers the labor cost per hour.

PTAC Cleaning
Professional PTAC Service

The average maintenance tech completes a PTAC at a rate of about 1 unit per hour.  A building of 100 units would cost 100 hours of service, just for PTACs.  If the overhead cost of maintenance techs is $45 per hour, the total cost is $4,500. Many hotels will put 2 maintenance techs on the job, and still only complete 1 per hour, doubling the cost to over $9,000!  If the techs are untrained, the job often averages 90 minutes per unit, increasing costs further.  All this, to clean the units only once per year.

In comparison, a crew can complete 18 or more units per hour, often completing a 100-room building in a single day. Experienced techs, with a process, and better equipment, have a comparable cost per unit of just $26.50, for a single cleaning service.  By adding quarterly decontamination services at a reduced cost, the job can be completed 4 times in a year, and still be cheaper than using hotel maintenance employees.

There are other benefits to utilizing a maintenance crew for PTAC services:

  1. Regular Decontamination. Treated for mold, viruses, and bacteria.
  2. Repairs can be made faster. Many units need only small adjustments to work again.
  3. Cleaner, better smelling rooms.
  4. Reduce workload on housekeeping, covers and screens are cleaned each quarter.
  5. Less damage to covers and screens. This can save money on replacing screens.
  6. Leaking units are addressed each quarter when re-installed.
  7. Lint, animal hair, and other debris is cleaned out.
  8. Covers can be repaired during service.
  9. Offset employee turnover by having professional quarterly service.
  10. Overall lower cost of operation, saving thousands of dollars.

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