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Hiring Labor for PTAC Cleaning

More Complex

PTAC units often suffer from the misconception they should be easy to work with, especially for cleaning. There are many details to consider when you hire labor. Most laborers cannot properly do the work. PTACs are more complex than most people realize and require special handling for the following reasons:

  • Electronics are easily damaged.
  • Knowledge of how condensation is handled by the unit is important.
  • Proper re- installation requires training to properly set the correct tilt.
  • The wall sleeves must also stay in repair; require precision and proper tools.
  • Units do not all work the same and only trained technicians can handle the variety.
  • Warranty contracts require specific cleaning steps.
  • A variety of electrical and electronic issues can be encountered.
  • Chemicals, mold and mildew control, and many other issues.
  • The ability to work well with guests.
  • Don’t void the Warranty!

Not understanding how the unit works has caused many owners and maintenance techs to make the wrong decisions. A good example is the common mistake of thinking there should be no water in the condensation pan.

During hot and humid days there should be water in the pan, and some running out the back. Without that water, the units cannot function efficiently, and they will overheat, potentially damaging the compressor. PTAC fans are designed to touch the water and sling water onto the back coil (condenser), which helps reduce the heat while vaporizing the water back into the atmosphere. 

Because of this misunderstanding, many units have had holes drilled into the pan to help drain the water faster, which does more damage than good.  These units will be lucky to have a 5-year service life.

Don’t drill holes in the pan!

If you want to reduce the overall cost of maintenance, hire a good company specializing in PTAC cleaning and Hotel/Hospitality services. It’s a good way to save $50,000 to $100,000 in excess maintenance and equipment replacement over a 3-to-5-year period, while keeping guests happy and comfortable for more billable nights.

Even if you hire your own maintenance technician, that one worker will take 6 months to a year to do the work our crew can do in a day or two. Most hotels tell us their maintenance technician is never caught up.