Hotel Business Environment 2023

It’s an interesting year. So far, independent hotels seem to be getting off to a slow start. It is difficult to tell if it’s because of a real slowdown in guest occupancy or an assumed slowdown based on fear of economic news headlines. One thing is for sure, larger hotel groups seem to be busier than ever and demand for our services is very strong.

I am curious to see how this plays out. My own opinion is the financial markets, risky as always, can have a meaningful rebound in early 2nd Quarter. If that happens, we are prepared to handle the demand as the needs increase with independent owner confidence.

We can meet both needs.

Our work capacity has increased with new crew and we have been fortunate to hire on a number of experienced and well-trained technicians. Our quality has risen along with our ability to handle a broader range of services.

At the same time, we can better afford to meet the needs of independent owners with faster service and quality.