PTAC Cleaning, 1 Day vs 1 Year

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Fast Hotel PTAC Cleaning

How fast can you clean your entire hotel?

It’s normal to expect Housekeeping to complete the building in a day. Should there be an expectation to have the air conditioning completed as quickly? We think so. The average hotel can have the air conditioners in all the rooms completed in a single day.

  • Be prepared for the coming season.
  • Pass inspections on time.
  • Immediately reduce pet smells.
  • Keep mold and mildew under control.
  • Reduce the cost of remediation.
  • A clean hotel keeps employees happy as well.
  • Reduce the cost of electricity.
  • Switch to Quarterly cleaning and take a load off Housekeeping and Maintenance.
  • Keep your property at a high valuation.

Our technicians are highly trained.

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