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Hotels Save Time and Labor

EcspexAire provides Deep Cleaning services for hotels, which saves a lot of time and labor expense. Time is money.

Many hotels still rely on maintenance technicians to clean a couple of PTAC units each week.  With the number of things these employees deal with to keep guests happy, they often fall way behind, and the hotel is never quite fresh enough.

Solution: Hire EcspexAire to clean all the units in a day or two, once every Quarter, or 6 months. We can do the job fast.

Keeping your PTAC units deep cleaned and healthier for your guests is very prudent.

  • Take a lot of extra work off your maintenance employees
  • Keep them focused on guest needs and making sure rooms are in order
  • Fix problems faster
  • Reduce your costs while increasing your property value

While working in hotels, we also provide information for Preventive Maintenance which you can use to make sure your maintenance and housekeeping are getting everything done.

We see every room quickly and report on problems we see, even when they are unrelated to our work. These items are written on our room report. You can even ask us to check specific things.

We also provide fast deep cleaning service like: Carpet, Refrigeration, Walls, Tile, Mold Control, and more.

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