Rare Offer for Hotels

We are currently offering Quarterly Mold Treatment combined with Annual Deep Cleaning service in an affordable package.

  • Save up to $5,400 per hotel
  • Actually clean your PTAC units and treat them 4 times per year instead of once a year or, even worse, every several years
  • Keep your hotel smelling sweet
  • You can have happy maintenance techs and happy guests
  • Stay ahead of the quality game by just hiring us to do the work, better, faster, cheaper, and in some ways safer

The problem with PTAC air conditioners is they have to be cleaned often enough to to reduce electricity expenses and keep a variety of smells out of your hotel.  This is a big burden on maintenance to get the job done, especially if the units are older or the hotel is large.  This can be a back-breaking job for sure.  If you like your maintenance technicians and want to keep them happily fixing other problems, then let EcspexAire do the work.  We will throw in 3 quarterly Mold treatments with your annual service.

This is a great deal!

Email us and we will send you the details!

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