No Checks!

Effective immediately! We no longer accept checks for payment!

Please do not ask. Too many hotel management companies have taken advantage of our labor by not paying for 30 days, then using the excuse of ‘we mailed it’. And then the USPS cannot deliver for at least 10 days, because they have horrible service. 40 days is impossible for any reasonable business to work with.

We only accept online payments thorough the link in every invoice we send, or ACH which must be approved at lease 2 weeks in advance. Payment must be received within 48 hours of service completion or a 15% late payment will be added as an additional charge.

Please note: All hotels receive payments daily, there is absolutely no reason why they should delay payment for a labor service which saves them money every time we work. It will no longer be tolerated.

We do good business and save you lots of money, because we are fast and efficient. Stop slowing us down.